THE first step in ensuring that you receive optimum Natural Hair Care and/or Beauty service that will lead to your Ultimate satisfaction without breaking the bank or wasting your time.

If this will be your first visit OR you are in need of Loc Coloring services, Loc Repair or Reattachment, Loc Extensions, or Loc Start up services -YOU MUST complete an in salon complimentary Consultation before an appointment can be reserved.

A few things to know before booking....

  1. CONSULTATIONS : Yes , we require a consultation prior to reserving your first service IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO RECIEVE A COLOR SERVICE, YOU WANT TO START LOCKS, DESIRE LOC EXTENSIONS/REATTACHMENT, OR NEED LOC REPAIR. (Hair must be completely free of braids,extensions etc. Recently shampooed and free of product is ideal)

  2. PAYMENTWe except payment in the form of cash, credit or debit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express).

  3. CANCELLATIONS We require 24 HOURS notice of cancellation. No Exceptions. Same day cancellation fee: $25 (Must be paid prior to receiving a future service.  No Call/No Show Fee: 50% of the booked service amount will be due before receiving a future service.
  4. LATE ARRIVALS:   If you are more than 10 minutes late we reserve the right to cancel/reschedule your appointment. if we decide to continue with the appointment a $10 inconvenience fee will be added to your service.

  5. CELL PHONES:  We ask that you be considerate of others by silencing your cell phone during your service. Please exercise your texting capabilities if at all possible. use headphones whenever possible.

  6. FOOD:  Please avoid bringing strong odor foods such as: onions, fish or anything with a loud smell that may ruin the aroma of the salon. No Outside Food/Drinks (excluding water) are allowed in the Lobby, Shampoo or Dryer areas.
  7. CHILDREN- For safety reasons and insurance purposes ARE ONLY ALLOWED IN THE SALON WHEN RECEIVING A SERVICE.  We do not have the facilities to care for or entertain children.  Although, Loc Star! love the kids- we can not guarantee their safety nor guarantee the  relaxing and peaceful experience that we promise. Your understanding is greatly appreciated. Appointments will be Rescheduled if Children are Brought to the Salon. Children are considered to be 12 and under. Children 12 and under receiving a service are NOT TO BE LEFT in the salon without a Parent/Guardian 18 or over.

  8. Bringing Additional Guests to Your Appointment:  Loc Star! is a small and intimate salon with minimal seating for guests not receiving services. No more than 1 guests are allowed to accompany clients to scheduled appointments. Guests are ONLY allowed in the lobby- Guests are not allowed in the Styling, Shampoo, Dryer Areas (unless the client being serviced is 12 and under). Guests are not allowed to sit on salon equipment i.e. dryer/shampoo/styling chairs. Guests are not to bring outside Food or Drinks in the Lobby. We appreciate your cooperation.
  9. Language:  No Foul Language